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Higher GOLD PRICES   have worked in favour of costume jewellery retailers in the UK and Europe. Costume jewellers say that they have clocked 20-30% growth in the last season with women  from affluent households embracing latest trends and confidently buying costume jewellery on a regular basis.


To make space for new lines we have reduced in price over 30 styles of jewellery and accessories,there is limited stock available and we suggest that you place your orders while we still have stock.

Accessories by Park lane announces  new exhibition date for January 2014


Due to increased demand we have added an additional exhibition date for January 2014.


This is the ideal opportunity to see our stunning new Spring collection which has 200 new styles!





VISIT for more details



We will also be exhibiting at...

Spring Fair,Hall 19 stand number 19G11

Moda,stand number N27

See you there!




Party plan opportunities for the busy mum!


Hosting a jewellery party is a great way to get all the girls together for a fun night; everyone will come away with something sparkly they love, and as the host you can earn extra money too! Being a co-host turns one fun evening into a business idea; you can bring your expertise to other people's parties and reap the rewards.

There are a lot of party-plan schemes out there which encourage you to join and earn commission such as free gifts. They supply you with the pieces to sell on, and in return you might earn a percentage of sales or credit to put towards buying your own jewelery. Some of these schemes can be good and take the hassle of sourcing your jewelery away from you, but the potential for earning real cash is very low; most companies would prefer to pay you in gifts rather than money!

It's easier than you'd think to start your own party plan business. The most important thing is to source products that will sell, from a good wholesaler. Party plan jewelery is widely available from wholesalers, and buying wholesale means that your costs remain low. Some wholesalers will even supply extras like free presentation boxes and display stands so you really can get everything you need without joining a franchise scheme.

Once you've sourced your jewelery you're ready to go. You decide how much to sell it on for (there's no franchise telling you what to do!) so your profits are up to you. You just need to invite your friends over and host a great, fun night!

Make sure that you display all your pieces to their best advantage. Use a well-lit room and give everyone plenty of space to browse at leisure. A top tip is to use presentation boxes; they set off the jewelery and people feel like they're buying a gift. Have all the boxes open and let people handle and try on pieces that they like, and remember to put up lots of mirrors!

The beauty of selling jewelery at parties is that everyone has a good time. The jewelery is almost secondary to having fun, but everyone's there to buy! Make sure that you have enough choice for everyone and that if you run out of an item you can order more. Your range should be varied with only one or two of each piece out for people to try, even if you have more in stock. This makes sure that your guests know they're getting something exclusive!

Once you've hosted a successful jewelery party you can take your skills elsewhere. Ask your friends if they're interested in doing it too; you could put them in touch with your supplier or bring the items yourself and split the profits. The only limit on how much you sell and how much you make is you. You can update your range as often as you like if you source your own jewelery, keep track of your costs and never have to answer to a big company about your sales!



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