Fashion Influences from the Past

How do you know what a hipster is, and what kind of clothes you need to be trendy these days? If you’ve ever rummaged through a rack at a thrift store or gone through boxes of your grandparents’ old clothes, you likely already have a hipster outfit in your closet. The hipster trend uses random vintage pieces of clothing from the classic and sophisticated outfits of the 1930’s to varsity jackets, thick glasses and the grunge look of the 90’s. By reading through this infographic, you may discover that the way you dress and act already makes you a hipster. The key is to find retro apparel that you feel comfortable in because the trend is all about being the only one around that looks like you. Rather than going to the mall and spending money for designer labels, shop thrift stores, online vintage clothes, or wholesale clothing retailers to get the perfect items for your personality and look.

Created by the staff at Prime Time Clothing, where you will find the latest wholesale fashion at low prices.

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