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5 Must-Have Clothing Essentials For A Late Summer Vacation

Are you heading out for that final summer vacation? A late summer vacation can be ideal: many of the large crowds have died down, and you can finally lie out on the beach without being stepped on by wandering tourists! However, figuring out what to pack can be tricky. You want to be prepared for warm weather and on trend. Here are a few of the items every woman needs to pack when heading out for a late summer vacation. Dresses Colour is always in when it comes to summer... Read More

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Keeping Up With the Latest Celeb Styles

To be trendy, you need to be updated with the latest fashion styles and no other great basis to know the latest trends but what celebrities wear. Your common fashion trends sources are fashion magazines. Nowadays, you can also get the latest trends in fashion in one simple source like this infographic. Check out the current trend in designer sunglasses and other fashion info like the top American brands and top French brands today. If you love to accessorize using the trendiest sunglasses, then take a look at what celebrities... Read More

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How Black Became A Colour Fashion

Many people these days attend weddings, which are obviously joyous and happy affairs. Yet, if you’ve noticed lately, many of the men and women wear black as their preferred primary colour palette. But why is this, and is it wrong or inappropriate? In the olden days, white was usually used, especially for women, usually to signify “purity” of some sort. These days, black is used more and more frequently for weddings and celebrations of all sorts. Exploring the origination of the colour black in fashion reveals just how much it... Read More

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Three Things To Think About When It’s Time To Buy A Ring

There are a few certain things that are on nearly every girl’s wish list, and diamond wedding rings are most definitely one of them. This particular piece of jewellery has a cultural significance that few other pieces of jewellery or accessories can lay claim to. There are countless films and pop culture references that have given this precious stone the venerable reputation it has today. It’s hard to say why, but few would deny that a shiny precious stone—often referred to as a “rock”—has a weighty importance that other material... Read More

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Myths About Engagement Rings

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” –Pearl S. Buck Relax, the rules of purchasing an engagement ring are not set in stone and more often than not they are merely myths. Culture and tradition is constantly changing and evolving so it is very common that we are confused as to which rules to follow and which to ignore. Let’s set the facts straight so that the second thoughts you have after deciding to propose... Read More

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Find The Coolest Summer Dresses For 2013

With the heat of summer fully upon us, now is the time to start looking for beautiful, airy dresses that will be comfortable and fun to wear. Women have plenty of summer dresses for 2013 from which they can choose, and finding something that will fit their personal look, shape, and style should be easy and fun. Start looking for the dresses that look cool and that help to keep you cool during the hot weather. What’s Hot This Summer? When it comes to designer dresses, many different designers and... Read More

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4 Wedding Day Fashion Essentials

Other than a dress and shoes which you obviously won’t forget (unless you’re having a beach wedding, in which case shoes are optional), what else do you need for your big day? Image Source A Bag If you’re like me, you won’t go anywhere without at least a small bag to pop your phone and house keys in. Of course, on your big day you’ll be too busy to spend the day checking for text messages and you’ll probably be heading to a hotel rather than back home afterwards, but... Read More

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Top 2013 Summer Beach Trends

Summer brings with it hot weather, cold drinks and memorable trips to the beach. With every year, along with the classics that never go out of style, comes new trends and fashions, even with beach wear. If you are planning a late summer holiday or just a weekend beach break then you might want to take a look at some of the latest beach trends for this year. High Waists Reminiscent of the nineteen forties, high waisted swimwear and bikinis are bang on trend right now. Whether you prefer plain... Read More

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Making A Jewellery Gift A Meaningful One (Stop Being Obvious!)

I find it hard to get excited about some cut-up rocks, gold seems to be yellow to me and silver seems so…cold. I admit that when jewelry holds special meaning then I do tend to look at differently. I was never one to get excited about jewelry- I find it heavy on my body, an extra burden that I have to worry about not misplacing, losing or breaking and I honestly don’t get what all the excitement is about when it comes to some cut-up rocks and metals. However, I... Read More